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How To Festival

We realize the online festival experience might not be something everyone is familiar with. So we’ve created this guide to make it easier for everyone to navigate the online festival experience and enjoy PAAFF 2020 from home.


Feature Film and Short Film Rentals

  • This year PAAFF is offering specially priced film passes. See what’s available here.
  • All feature films (excluding Opening and Closing films) and short film programs are available for individual rental.
  • Clicking on a film will allow you to view the director bio, film synopsis, and ticket options.
  • Each film has a different geoblocking region. You can find information on film geo-availability here.
  • Our Centerpiece films (Far East Deep South, Goodbye Mother) and Retrospective film (Who Killed Vincent Chin?) have limited rental periods. Click the film to check the availability.
  • Note: All films can only be watched on a single device or browser. Once the film has been opened, it cannot be reopened elsewhere. See additional instructions in the bullet point below.
  • Purchased your rental? Click here for additional instructions.

Live Film Programs

  • The only live film programs this year will be Opening Night (THE PAPER TIGERS) and Closing Night (THE DONUT KING).
  • Once you’ve purchased a ticket for a live program, you’ll receive a confirmation email from “2020 PAAFF Tickets” with a link to your virtual screening room. Click “Join Event” in your order confirmation email to enter.
  • You’ll then be prompted to enter an access code. This code can be found in your confirmation email. You’ll be able to enter your code as early as 30 minutes before the start of the event.
  • Your access code can only be used one time, on one device in one browser.
  • The live program will start automatically and you won’t be able to rewind while it is being lived-streamed.

Live Filmmaker Q&As and Panel Discussions

  • View the schedule here to see the full lineup of Filmmaker Q&As and Panel discussions.
  • No tickets are required for these live events. Each event will live-streamed on our Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube channels.
  • The Q&As and Panel Discussions will start automatically and you won’t be able to rewind while it is being live-streamed.
  • The live program recordings will be available on the PAAFF Youtube Page.