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A Conversation with Aisha Fukushima and Anthony Brown

Special Event A Conversation with Aisha Fukushima and Anthony Brown Join justice strategist and vocalist Aisha Fukushima and composer and activist Anthony Brown for a conversation about shared…

A Peacock Dance

Film A Peacock Dance Directed by Emily Eng An Asian American girl attending Chinese School faces personal obstacles fitting in with her classmates.

A Side of Light

Film A Side of Light Directed by Michelle Wu This short documentary examines how Asian American organizations in Philadelphia are working to keep their communities safe from…

ATOMIC CAFÉ: The Noisiest Corner in J-Town

Film ATOMIC CAFÉ: The Noisiest Corner in J-Town Directed by Akira Boch, Tadashi Nakamura In the late 1970’s, when L.A.’s punk rock scene was exploding, an unlikely family-owned restaurant in Little Tokyo…
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This rental is no longer available

Film axandax Directed by Keita Niwa In an age that quantifies a person’s value, Naomi (an in-home counselor) comes to Jin, who lives in…

Becoming Eddie

Film Becoming Eddie Directed by Lilan Bowden In 1985 suburban America, a Korean American boy named Yong has trouble fitting in with his classmates, who…
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Between Tides

This rental is no longer available

Film Between Tides Directed by Masa Fox "Between Tides" explores the stories of a postwar multi-ethnic Bonin Islander community torn apart and re-bonded by history.


Film Bind Directed by Emory Chao Johnson Jules gets a surprise visit from their mom…and their chest binder.

Black Ghost Son

Film Black Ghost Son Directed by Chris Low Eddie, a first generation Chinese American, is learning how to become a father and his son, Troy, is…

Blue Eyed

Film Blue Eyed Directed by Amin Sameti The city is afraid of a new thief who is taking people's blue eyes.

Blue Suit

Film Blue Suit Directed by Kevin J. Nguyễn When a surprise party interrupts his plans, an anxious man has to find a moment to confess his…

Cancel RIMPAC: A Collective Poem

Film Cancel RIMPAC: A Collective Poem Directed by Michael Inouye Thirteen indigenous poets from Oceania—from Hawaiʻi, Aotearoa, and Guahan—came together to write and record a poem calling for…