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Curtain Up!

Directed by Hui Tong, Kelly Ng

In America, every child of immigrants has an assimilation story, but not all of them include an opportunity to premiere the musical production of “Frozen Kids,” and the identity struggles that come with it.

For ten years now, the PS 124 theater club in New York’s Chinatown has been the only Asian-American team to compete at the renowned Junior Theater Festival, a gathering of young thespians from across the world. It even earned the privilege of being one of a select few schools nationally to premiere the kids production of Frozen. As the kids gear up for the much-anticipated show, Curtain Up! follows their lives behind the scenes and the challenges that have surfaced.
What can theater help these children uncover about who they are? Which ethnic stereotypes does this troupe of kids prove, and which do they debunk? What unexpected turns will these kids be confronted with, as they present their final elementary school performance, before graduating into middle schools?

This film is available in the United States and Canada.

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