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Djembe in the 13 Streets

Directed by Kwong Yin Brian Hung

“Out of the 7.3 million people in Hong Kong, more than ninety percent of the population are made up of Chinese people. But in recent years, more and more Africans have settled down in Hong Kong. Local people may wonder why did they end up coming here? What is their purpose?

At the same time, some Hong Kong natives have been gradually developing a keen interest in African culture. How exactly do these two groups of people who could not be more far removed from each other successfully interact?

Featuring a man from Africa and three Hong Kong women in different life stage.
Kaze, a djembe player and artist, came to Hong Kong from Cameroon to pursue his dream, hoping to bring African music and art to the people of Hong Kong.

Camy and Szeto, native of Hong Kong, have married Africans respectively and started their own families, they do business that buy and sell used cars to Africa. Szeto’s daughters are the combination of Chinese and African culture and ancestry.

Cassie, also a native of Hong Kong, did not study a discipline at university that the society believes can make a lot of money. Instead, she chose the field of social anthropology and focus on the study in Swahili, a major language in East Africa, and stay in Zanzibar, Tanzania for a year.

As pioneers of China-Africa exchanges in Hong Kong, through them, we can get to experience this long-distance interactive journey of different skin colours and races.
This film is available internationally.

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