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$90 Features and Shorts Rental Pass (does not include Opening & Closing)

This badge will give you access to the following film programs:

Feature Films

  • axandax
  • Goodbye Mother
  • Definition Please
  • Spider Moth Butterfly
  • Tokyo Hula
  • The Badger
  • The Greatest Country in the World
  • Woman of the Photographs
  • Between Tides
  • Curtain Up!
  • Djembe in the 13 Streets
  • Dream in Silence
  • Far East Deep South
  • The Paradise We are Looking For
  • Who Killed Vincent Chin? (free)

Short Film Programs

  • LMAO: Lighthearted, Merry, Amusing, Outrageous!
  • Unsettling Truths
  • Joy: To Be Our Ancestors
  • Southeast Asian Tracks
  • Small Moments
  • Queer Futures
  • Defining Our Selves, Defining Each Other
  • Reflections
  • What Haunts Us
  • Uncertain Movements
  • Excavated Memories
  • Self Determination
  • Spirit of Youth

Please be sure to check each film page for the geoblocking restrictions as some films may not be available in your region.

Tickets to Opening and Closing Night films (The Paper Tigers and The Donut King) must be purchased separately.



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