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Seeing Ourselves in Asian American History through Film and Media

Asians and Asian Americans have made significant contributions to U.S. film culture since the origins of the medium. Some established careers in Hollywood, and others created independent films. Viewing their works today can enrich our understanding of Asian American history. Creating course content around such works may both balance historical relevance and an appeal to young people and strengthen campaigns for Asian American Studies programs in higher education.

In this panel session, Eric Hung and Irene Chien will share a timeline of films designed for students, film buffs, lifelong learners, and allies who seek an alternate history of Asian American film and media representation. Each film on their list is available on at least one popular streaming service and explores a key moment or a key theme in Asian American history. During the panel Eric and Irene will discuss their motivations behind creating this resource. Afterwards, contributors will discuss what they learned and the challenges in writing about their assigned films.

Dates & Times


November 14, 2020
5:00 pm