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Directed by Sajjad Shahhatami

The protagonist of the story faces a dilemma of choosing between sense and sensibility regarding one’s innermost feelings. He has been judged from the very beginning by the ones closest to him. The fear of these never-ending judgments fills him with doubt and he has to work against the clock to achieve his goal as he knows that one’s true identity is what matters most to them.

Directed by Sajjad Shahhatami
Produced by Behrooz Hashemian and Mohammad Narimani
Written by Sajjad Shahhatami

About the filmmaker: Born in 1994, Tehran, Iran. Student of acting, theater and directing in Azad University, Tehran.

Plays in

A Queer Time & Place

Leading a queer existence in a fractured world makes for heightened explorations of identity. This year’s LGBTQ+ program…