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In Loving Memory (of Who We Used to Be)

Directed by Vicky Lee

Puberty, sibling rivalry, and school crushes make up the small world that ten-year-old Vicky lives in. But the memories of birthday cakes and carefree days begin to get muddled when persistent anxieties set in to haunt the past. The clutter, clash, and recollection of her mistakes, insecurities, and triumphs reconstruct the ever-changing phases of Vicky’s tween life. A stranger to her own self, director Vicky Lee reflects on the naive girl that she once was.

Directed, produced, and written by Vicky Lee

About the filmmaker: Vicky Lee is a New York City-based filmmaker.
Her work reflects on the nuances of life and brings awareness to the overlooked and raw forms of the everyday. Her films explore the conflicts of having dual cultural identities.

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