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Out Of Order

Directed by Trevor Zhou

When a man awakens in a hotel room and realizes he drunkenly cheated on his wife, a sinister stairwell forces him to tell the truth or risk everything.

Directed by Trevor Zhou
Produced by Habib Yazdi
Written by Trevor Zhou

About the filmmaker: Made in China and raised in America, Trevor Zhou is an LA-based filmmaker, artist and advocate whose lived experiences inspire his stories about identity, family and unearthing our personal truths. Through film, he reveals the joy of humanity to show that we can do better for historically excluded voices and foster a more engaged and just world where our differences are celebrated, cherished and honored. Trevor is currently working on his directorial debut feature, Ann Arbor, a bittersweet love letter to his hometown.

Plays in

The Darkness Within

Is it simply human nature to be utterly fascinated by what terrifies us the most? Whether the terror…