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Udhaare Supne (Borrowed Dreams)

Directed by Amritpal Kaur

“Udhaare Supne”, which translates to Borrowed Dreams in Hindi, follows a young South Asian womxn, Amrit, tasked with taking care of her teenage sister Amani who is stuck in Foster Care when their parents leave without a trace.

This production is more than a film, but rather a movement to encourage folks to take action in this ever-changing political climate. It is an ode to the many folks who have been separated through foster care, immigration, and other systems in place. It is an ode to the many folks who experience depression and mental illnesses but never receive the help resources they need due to no #Health4all.

This short film is the beginning of an endless journey of unearthing traumas, healing, and discovery of the self for the three womxn. Thank you for allowing us to share our art and expressions with you! #BrownGirlJoy

Directed by Amritpal Kaur
Produced by Jaspreet Kaur and Amandeep Kaur

About the filmmaker: Amritpal Kaur (Amrit) is an undocumented, disabled, queer South Asian storyteller and humxn rights advocate. She immigrated from Punjab, India to Los Angeles in 2000, just shy of the 9/11 attacks and xenophobia that would follow many Middle Eastern & South Asian communities. Amrit is enthusiastic about overthrowing the patriarchy, smashing white supremacy, and building bridges with BIPOC through her theater and filmmaking work. She is currently working on a project highlighting the diasporic and multilayered life of a low-income, underserved immigrant South Asian family through her start-up production company called Brown Girl Joy. Brown Girl Joy was founded by Amrit and her sisters, Jazz and Amani Kaur, and is dedicated to exploring the intersections of being beautiful, brown & black humxn beings in a time when underserved communities are gaslit and seen as “resilient” while battling Amerikkkan systemic racism.

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