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Directed by Urvashi Pathania

“This story is about the lies we tell the ones we love. Priyanka Agarwal is an Indian American college student facing tragedy. Her mother suddenly died and now she is sitting in the back of a rickshaw in India, suitcase in one hand and an urn filled with her mother’s ashes in the other. Once in her grandmother’s home, she finds out her whole family knew her mother was ill, but they kept it hidden from her.
Her family claims it’s because she was busy in college, but Priyanka does not believe them. Did they lie to her because they consider her a child? Is it because of her gender? She would have given anything to spend time with her mother in those final months. Priyanka runs out of the house and into the streets of the small Indian city where her Mom was raised. Incredulous and angry, Priyanka drinks her sorrows and searches for meaning in her family, faith (and lack of it) and dual identity. By the end of the night, a series of mishaps leads her closer to answers and the family she took for granted.”

Plays in

Self Determination

Sometimes what we want and what others want for us completely contradict one another. Other times, they align…