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Becoming Eddie still

Becoming Eddie

Film Becoming Eddie Directed by Lilan Bowden In 1985 suburban America, a Korean American boy named Yong has trouble fitting in with his classmates, who…
Curtain Call still

Curtain Call

Film Curtain Call Directed by Angel Yau All the moments I have been on stage in childhood and what that has taught me.
Definition Please still Feature Narratives

Definition Please

This rental is no longer available

Film Definition Please Directed by Sujata Day A former Scribbs Spelling Bee champion, who lives at home with her ailing mother, must reconcile with her…
Dragon Style still

Dragon Style

Film Dragon Style Directed by Luka Chin Columbus Park, Chinatown, NYC. Yuyu, an avid Chinese Chess player, must confront herself, her grandpa and a piece…
Graduation still


Film Graduation Directed by Robin Wang Following a graduation celebration, four Chinese must navigate their relationships' future as dictated by the circumstances of life…
In Sync still

In Sync

Film In Sync Directed by Eddie Shieh A young couple walk a fine line while thriving in an open marriage until they catch each other…
Logan Lee still

Logan Lee & The Rise of the Purple Dawn

Film Logan Lee & The Rise of the Purple Dawn Directed by Raymond Lai Just your average Asian-American, coming-of-age, sci-fi, hip-hop stoner comedy about a scratch DJ who discovers a strain of…
Make a Wish still

Make a Wish

Film Make a Wish Directed by Dinh Thai A light-hearted comedy about the sweetest fiancé giving her boyfriend the best birthday present ever.
Mo'o! still


Film Mo’o! Directed by Anela Ling Two grieving cousins navigate O'ahu's haunted landscape in order to prove the existence of ghosts and the afterlife
Still Trying still

Still Trying

Film Still Trying Directed by Nicole N Nequinto Alex (25) is finally ready to move out of the house—that is, until her recently divorced mother breaks…
The Blessing still

The Blessing

Film The Blessing Directed by Liann Kaye When a timid, midwestern boy decides to propose to his girlfriend, he has to go through her immigrant,…
The Paper Tigers still Feature Narratives, Special Presentations

The Paper Tigers

Film The Paper Tigers Directed by Bao Tran A story of three over-the-hill martial artists who are one kick away from pulling their hamstrings. This one’s…
The Trouble with Cats still

The Trouble With Cats

Film The Trouble With Cats Directed by Tim Schafer “The Trouble with Cats” follows two sisters, Deena and Mina, through the perils of modern dating in this…
Unmothered still


Film Unmothered Directed by Urvashi Pathania Priyanka is a foul-mouthed and rebellious Indian American college student. When her mother tragically dies, Priyanka believes she…
Yuan Yuan still

Yuan Yuan and the Hollow Monster

Film Yuan Yuan and the Hollow Monster Directed by Catherine Chen Eight-year-old Yuan Yuan is determined to protect her newest pet, a tiny turtle named Lucy, at all costs—even…