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Logan Lee & The Rise of the Purple Dawn

Directed by Raymond Lai

It’s the night of the Hungry Ghost Festival, and Chinese-American scratch DJ Logan Lee is poised to make his live debut at his best friend Beatrice Pan’s house party. The problem is, he’s a nervous wreck. To help him calm down, his Auntie Bobbie gives him a rare strain of marijuana, known as Purple Dawn, and it works! But Logan soon discovers that there’s much more to this strain than its calming effects.

Plays in

Film Stills from Becoming Eddie, The Trouble with Cats, Dragon Style, and Logan Lee & the Rise of the Purple Dawn

LMAO: Lighthearted, Merry, Amusing, Outrageous!

With premises as outrageous as a secret underground Chinese chess enclave and a truly magical strain of weed,…