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Still Trying

Directed by Nicole N Nequinto

“ALEX (25) is one hundred percent sheltered. A romantic who’s never been kissed she’s finally readied herself to move out of her home. On the phone with her outgoing, vlogger bestfriend MIA (25) she starts to realize how her world is about to open up. The possibilities are endless. This is basically act one of a romantic comedy she’s always wanted to live out. Her expectations are put to a quick stop when her mother barges in. Distressed, GLORIA (60), tells her to delete a song off her phone. It’s her wedding song – ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.”

Alex goes to help her mother. Gloria’s barely keeping it together as she struggles to remove her dress. Feeling held down and fully realizing her resentment towards her ex-husband, Alex’s father, she goes down a post-breakup spiral. This is the first time Alex’s seen her strong and poised mother break down. Once they get the dress off, Gloria tells her daughter how scared she is but grateful that her daughter is by her side. Alex looks off, realizing her plan has a huge hiccup.

Plays in

Self Determination

Sometimes what we want and what others want for us completely contradict one another. Other times, they align…