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A Peacock Dance

Film A Peacock Dance Directed by Emily Eng An Asian American girl attending Chinese School faces personal obstacles fitting in with her classmates.


Film Bind Directed by Emory Chao Johnson Jules gets a surprise visit from their mom…and their chest binder.

Black Ghost Son

Film Black Ghost Son Directed by Chris Low Eddie, a first generation Chinese American, is learning how to become a father and his son, Troy, is…

Blue Suit

Film Blue Suit Directed by Kevin J. Nguyễn When a surprise party interrupts his plans, an anxious man has to find a moment to confess his…

Gay As In Happy: A Queer Anti-Tragedy

Film Gay As In Happy: A Queer Anti-Tragedy Directed by Jordana Valerie Allen-Shim An experimental auto-ethnographical documentary about queer joy, resistance, and resilience in the face of abuse, trauma, and transphobia.


Film Graduation Directed by Robin Wang Following a graduation celebration, four Chinese must navigate their relationships' future as dictated by the circumstances of life…

Here We Stay

Film Here We Stay Directed by Joon Kim A man desperate to sell his late mother's house realizes that his childhood home has other plans for…


Film Hinekura Directed by Becs Arahanga The story of one young woman’s rite of passage as she steps into her destiny.

Kama’aina (Child of the Land)

Film Kama’aina (Child of the Land) Directed by Kimi Howl Lee A queer sixteen-year-old girl, Mahina must navigate life on the streets in Oahu, until she eventually finds refuge…

Mama Yen

Film Mama Yen Directed by Jiale Hu How a Vietnam War refugee has lost, found, and brought the taste of home for others in American…

Moloka’i Bound

Film Moloka’i Bound Directed by Alika Maikau A wayward young man, recently released from prison, struggles to reconnect with his son and Hawaiian heritage.


Film Sixteen Directed by Nahyeon Lee “Sixteen” is a coming-of-age short film that blends vignettes of domesticity with chaotic K-Pop fantasies in an honest…

Still Trying

Film Still Trying Directed by Nicole N Nequinto Alex (25) is finally ready to move out of the house—that is, until her recently divorced mother breaks…


Film Valley Directed by Allan Zhang Tran Two childhood friends ditch school during their senior year. What starts as a day of teenage frivolity ends…