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Uncertain Movements

Lying somewhere between dream and nightmare, American immigrants face a tenuous existence in a land that never quite feels like home. Whether regularly fighting deportation or struggling with the monotony of life on alien soil, these short films represent reality for those who have found themselves caught between a rock and a hard place in the so-called land of the free.

This short film program is available internationally.

Q&A LIVE on 11/7 at 3:00 P.M. EST

In this program

Keep Saray Home

Directed by Brian Redondo

ICE doesn’t just separate families at the border. In the outskirts of Boston, three families face the impending threat of deportation. But as refugees from Cambodia and Vietnam, they know they’ll have to fight together to stay together.


Directed by Asavari Kumar

An Indian woman in pursuit of the American dream, revisits her immigration journey.


Directed by Zheyu Liang

What does it feel like to be a stranger in a country that you’ve lived in for twenty years? Two rootless and tenacious Chinese immigrants, Quan and Fen, try to find a home in each other on the foreign soil.