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Directed by Zheyu Liang

Quan and Fen came to America at their late age with nothing and tried to build their home on the foreign soil. Feeling isolated, limited, lonely, they couldn’t fit in American life. After a lifetime of wandering, they were finally able to find solace in on another in this new land. Through observing their daily lives, touching and delicate love is gradually revealed. However, under this seemingly peaceful life, loneliness, regrets, and the question about “where is home?” are still lingering deeply on their minds.

This reflective film is not a news profile about the American Dream, it’s about people who live along the periphery of that dream and it will serve as a meditation on what it means to be rootless and a perpetual foreigner.

Plays in

Uncertain Movements

Lying somewhere between dream and nightmare, American immigrants face a tenuous existence in a land that never quite…