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What Haunts Us

Specters abound in this series of shorts—ghosts of people, places, and lives long abandoned. The footprints left behind by the past can become whole worlds, offer a space for visions, and give rise to versions of ourselves unknown to the everyday.

This film program is available internationally.

Q&A LIVE on 11/14 at 3:00 P.M. EST

In this program


Directed by Dornaz Hajiha

Marziyeh is a recently married young woman who has grown up in a religious family with strict rules. Their time-worn and careful thoughts have always overshadowed her true self. On the contrary, in her married life, she has left all those restrictions behind and has an entirely different lifestyle.


Directed by Anela Ling

Two grieving cousins navigate O’ahu’s haunted landscape in order to prove the existence of ghosts and the afterlife

Here We Stay

Directed by Joon Kim

A man desperate to sell his late mother’s house realizes that his childhood home has other plans for him.