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Directed by Mahin Sadri

A woman who has just turned forty and has recently separated from her partner, is struggling with her depression. She faces different lives she could have had, hearing and seeing herself everywhere.

Directed, produced, and written by Mahin Sadri

About the filmmaker: Mahin Sadri is an Iranian playwright, director, actress and journalist. She studied BA of German Language in Tehran University. Mahin Sadri started to write at a very young age and won the Best Screenplay Prize in Youth Cinema Competition in her hometown when she was twenty. In 2002, she joined Mehr Theater Group, one of Iran’s most celebrated theater companies with 20 productions and over 300 international performances at prestigious festivals such as Avignon and New York’s Under the Radar Festival. Her play, “A Bit More Everyday” (a.k.a. “Acclimatization”) directed by Afsaneh Mahian, won the Best Play Award at Fajr International Theater Festival 2014 and went onto perform in Istanbul, Paris, Vienna and Brussels. Since 2016, Sadri has also been on stage with the ensemble of Münchner Kammerspiele in three productions by Koohestani.

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Alternative Realities

Some may define “reality” as everything that we pick up with our five senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing,…