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Directed by Paolo Rein

“FYI” is a journey of overcoming the systemic oppression of Hollywood gatekeeping and pre-labeled narratives. Our main character finds a community in which they are able not only to navigate their own personal creative endeavors but find the confidence to go beyond.

Directed by Paolo Rein
Produced by Nicole Solis-Sison, Mario Torres Torres, and Dorian Gomez
Written by Paolo Rein and Edgar Aquino Huerta

About the filmmaker: Paolo Rein, is a Writer, Director, Actor & Organizer in this industry of filmmaking. Since his early highschool life, Paolo has been working with marginalized communities to create films that challenge social & political norms revolving around but not limited to representation on and off-screen and colorism. Throughout his filmmaking journey, he fell in love with books, films, and stories with complex worlds and characters that challenged ideals and inspired growth. These mediums helped pave the heartful passion for his filmmaking journey taking him to graduate from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor’s degree in Filmmaking with a concentration in Production. Being exposed to a school that is heavily involved with social justice paved the way for him to utilize his craft to offer folks worlds with different lenses. He’s directed student short films such as Shaded Complexion, a narrative that focuses on your identity being a commodity, that has gone to showcase at the Image Movers UCLA Festival, Philadelphia Latino Film Festival, and the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film festival. From being a PA for Nike commercials to Assisting a director through various music videos and narrative feature works, Paolo aims to direct and write the stories that offer folks a form of salvation from the chaotic world.

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