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Film Still from A Sexplanation Feature Documentaries, Special Presentations

A Sexplanation

This rental is no longer available

Film A Sexplanation Directed by Alex Liu From neuroscience labs to church pews, A Sexplanation features provocative conversations with psychologists, sex researchers—and even a Jesuit…
Film Still from Americanish Feature Narratives, Special Presentations


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Film Americanish Directed by Iman Zawahry In Jackson Heights, Queens, career-driven sisters Maryam and Sam and their newly-immigrated cousin Ameera must navigate the consistent…
Film Still from An Interloper's Kiss

An Interloper’s Kiss

Film An Interloper’s Kiss Directed by Grace Kim A portrait of a woman’s everyday domestic life from the perspective of an unlikely, voyeuristic love interest.
Film still from Connection


Film Connection Directed by Achim Mendoza A Filipino musician discovers an unauthorized cover of his song made by a rival content creator, leading to…
Film Still from Crouching Comic

Crouching Comic

Film Crouching Comic Directed by Alberta Poon A surreal act unfolds as an Asian American comedian takes to an open mic to battle the insecurities…
Film still from Extra Credit

Extra Credit

Film Extra Credit Directed by Angel Yau An auto-biographical stop-motion animation about the filmmaker’s experience with school and learning as a shy and awkward kid.
Film still from FYI


Film FYI Directed by Paolo Rein “FYI” is a journey of overcoming the systemic oppression of Hollywood gatekeeping and pre-labeled narratives. Our main character…
Film still from Gone Camping

Gone Camping

Film Gone Camping Directed by Emily Kim An awkward tween, desperate to fit in, is forced to miss a crucial sleepover when she is dragged…
Film Still from HAGS

H.A.G.S. (Have A Good Summer)

Film H.A.G.S. (Have A Good Summer) Directed by Sean Wang A portrait of growing up told through the pages of a middle school yearbook.
Film still from in another language Feature Narratives

in another language

This rental is no longer available

Film in another language Directed by Masaya Tsutsumi Tokyo, summer 2020. In a “One Coin English Cafe” where participants can enjoy English conversation for a small…
Film Still from Learning Tagalog with Kayla

Learning Tagalog with Kayla

Film Learning Tagalog with Kayla Directed by Kayla Abuda Galang Kayla offers a lesson in Tagalog, the language of her homeland.
Film still from Look Out of Place

Look Out of Place

Film Look Out of Place Directed by KEN TANIGAWA What is a life that doesn't change? This story features life-risking negotiations between a "reaper" that manipulates life…
Film Still from Love Hotel

…LOVEHOTEL…~The Guide to Japanese Midnight culture~

Film …LOVEHOTEL…~The Guide to Japanese Midnight culture~ Directed by Kaichi Sato A couple has an affair at a love hotel in Japan. A medium comes to investigate a ghost…
Film still from Pua Warriors

Pua Warriors

Film Pua Warriors Directed by Sophia Whalen “Pua Warriors” is an animated action film about magical girls Leilani, Ayaka, and Jasmine who need to prevent…
Film still from Sunday


Film Sunday Directed by Sean Wang A young couple spends what could be their last night together.
Film still from Third Culture Kid

Third Culture Kid

Film Third Culture Kid Directed by Truong Dam James Heinrich Nguyen, a “third culture kid,” is battling an inner conflict about cultural heritage, identity, and marriage.
Film still from Try Harder! Feature Documentaries

Try Harder!

This rental is no longer available

Film Try Harder! Directed by Debbie Lum At Lowell High School - San Francisco’s iconic #1 public high school with a majority Asian American student…
Film Still from White Elephant Feature Narratives

White Elephant

This rental is no longer available

Film White Elephant Directed by Andrew Chung Set in 1996, White Elephant is about Pooja, an Indo-Canadian teenage girl with an innocent crush on Trevor,…
Film Still from Who Is Lunna Menoh? Feature Documentaries

Who is Lun*na Menoh?

This rental is no longer available

Film Who is Lun*na Menoh? Directed by Jeff Mizushima Who Is Lun*na Menoh" follows the life and work of the extraordinary Japanese artist, Lun*na Menoh, showcasing her…
Film Still from Winning in America

Winning in America

Film Winning in America Directed by Amrita Singh Aishwarya Narayanan clashes with her immigrant coach-father and questions the meaning of success while vying for a spot…