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Pua Warriors

Directed by Sophia Whalen

Pua Warriors is a magical girl story about three friends who utilize the power of Hawaiian flowers to transform into superheroes and protect the quiet town of Kailua-Kona. When Ayaka “accidentally” eats the food she brought for her friends, it breaks the bonds of their friendship.

Directed and produced by Sophia Wahlen
Written by Gavin Arucan and Sophia Wahlen

About the filmmaker: Since entering university, Sophia Wahlen has always wanted to create a film set in my hometown. As senior year started, she just wanted to make something fun, magical, episodic, and all about friendship. This led to the concept of Pua Warriors. The characters were inspired by the strong, culturally diverse girls she has met growing up in Hawai’i. The source of their pua powers were unearthed from piles of research and advice. Their pua, various endangered Hawaiian flowers, would combat pollution and protect the other Hawaiian flora.

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