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in another language

Directed by Masaya Tsutsumi

Summer 2020. Pedestrians have begun to return to Tokyo. In one corner of a cafe, a man and woman take part in a One Coin English Cafe, where participants can enjoy English conversation for a small price. Miki lies about her work and background to satisfy her need for approval. Kenji is a young actor who plans to work in the US but is restricted from traveling there. The two of them begin playing a game where they visit English conversation cafes and act like different people. There are two rules to the game: stay out of one another’s lives, and don’t lie in Japanese.

Directed by Masaya Tsutsumi
Written by Masaya Tsutsumi

About the filmmaker: Masaya Tsutsumi was born in Japan in 1986.
After making many student films in college days at Kyushu University, he carries on as an independent filmmaker, while working as a freelance in video production industry.

LIVESTREAM Q&A on 11/06 at 8:00 P.M. EST