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White Elephant

Directed by Andrew Chung

CW: violence, bullying

Set in 1996, White Elephant is about Pooja, an Indo-Canadian teenage girl with an innocent crush on Trevor, a local white boy who’s just like the teen heartthrobs she sees in movies and on TV. He’s also unlike the other boys in her mostly Brown and Black neighborhood. Growing up in a majority-minority neighborhood makes her efforts to pursue Trevor harrowing. As her attempts to spend time with him grow bolder, the cultural divide between their social circles grows larger. The rift ultimately becomes more hostile than she could have imagined. But this isn’t your typical forbidden love story. It’s a self-love story.

Directed by Andrew Chung
Producted by Andrew Chung and Christopher Nguyen
Written by Andrew Chung

About the filmmaker: Andrew is a Writer/Director based in Toronto. His films have screened at festivals around the world, and have been broadcast on Air Canada, CBC, and the Super Channel. His short film, “Ma”, won him Best Short Film at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, and his critically acclaimed digital series, Millions, won him Best Director at the Marseille Web Fest in France. His feature film, White Elephant, won Best Feature Film, Best Director, and Best Writer at the Reelworld Film Festival, Best Canadian Feature and Best Overall Performance at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, and Best Ensemble and Best Set Design at the Canadian Film Fest.

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