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Film Still from A Hundred Joys

A Hundred Joys

Film A Hundred Joys Directed by Amanda Ann-Min Wong "A Hundred Joys" pairs cinematic impressions of Toronto's East Chinatown neighbourhood alongside interviews with residents and business owners,…
Film Still from A Sexplanation Feature Documentaries, Special Presentations

A Sexplanation

This rental is no longer available

Film A Sexplanation Directed by Alex Liu From neuroscience labs to church pews, A Sexplanation features provocative conversations with psychologists, sex researchers—and even a Jesuit…
Film Still from Day Break

Day Break

Film Day Break Directed by Louisa Phung On the razor's edge between awake and asleep, a young woman fights her deepest nightmare.
Film still from Kalinga (Care)

Kalinga (Care)

Film Kalinga (Care) Directed by Kent Donguines “Kalinga” (Care) shares the stories of several Filipina caregivers and nannies in Vancouver, bearing witness to their sacrifices…
Film still from Little Sky

Little Sky

Film Little Sky Directed by Jess X. Snow Haunted by their childhood memories, Chinese American drag sensation, Sky returns to their hometown to confront their estranged…
Film still from Receiver


Film Receiver Directed by Cavan Campbell Isolated on the night shift, an idealistic telephone counsellor is confronted by an insidious caller with the power…
Film Still from The Blue Bed

The Blue Bed

Film The Blue Bed Directed by Alireza Kazemipour Zahra is a middle-aged woman who uses a “temporary marriage” agency to hire a Negar, a younger woman.…
Film still from The Six Feature Documentaries

The Six

This rental is no longer available

Film The Six Directed by Arthur Jones The untold story of RMS Titanic's Chinese survivors.
Film Still from White Elephant Feature Narratives

White Elephant

This rental is no longer available

Film White Elephant Directed by Andrew Chung Set in 1996, White Elephant is about Pooja, an Indo-Canadian teenage girl with an innocent crush on Trevor,…