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Directed by Cavan Campbell

Sriyani, an idealistic and overtaxed Sri Lankan-Canadian social worker, is a counsellor at a telephone help line. She has built her life around helping others, but always at the expense of those closest to her. So who is going to defend Sriyani when she is hypnotized by a caller on the phone tonight?

Directed by Cavan Campbell
Produced by Cavan Campbell, Sedina Fiati, and Emily Andrews
Written by Cavan Campbell and Luke Higginson

About the filmmaker:Cavan Campbell was raised on Prince Edward Island, Canada, his Island father a painter and his Sri Lankan mother a writer. Filmmaking proved the natural synthesis of these early loves, and those islands. Cavan’s films have screened and been awarded on four continents. His previous film HANGNAIL was lauded by Academy Award®- winner Paul Haggis as “very powerful, wonderful filmmaking”. His most recent film, “Receiver”, was awarded Best Short Film at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival.

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