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Crouching Comic

Directed by Alberta Poon

A Vietnamese-American comedian confronts her anxieties (as represented by her traditional mother and white society), using her umami brand of humor to defend and claim her artistic identity.

Directed by Alberta Poon
Produced by Annie Tonsiengsom
Written by Alberta Poon and Katie Nguyen

About the filmmaker: Based in Portland, OR, Alberta Poon is a first-generation Chinese-American director and screenwriter. Alberta’s intuit for aesthetics are audiovisually centered, sampling and incorporating vibrant color palettes and soundscapes. Her eye for detail and ability to bring out the best of her subjects are key elements of her work – whether she is directing live action or developing stories in post. Her diverse background as an editor, videographer, and musician influences her directorial approach and enables effective collaboration.Alberta’s films have screened in the Tacoma Film Festival, SPLIFF, Local Sightings Film Festival, and have been featured in Vogue (twice), RollingStone, and Broccoli Magazine.

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