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Take Me Away

Film can offer a catharsis for confronting and processing complex feelings and experiences. After a particularly distressing year for API communities, catharsis may be more necessary than ever. From an army of angry sex dolls to heckling magazine clippings, the shorts in this eclectic program offer escapism, absurdism, and humor to help us cope with a reality that is often challenging and painful.

Program curated by Kelly Conrad

LIVE Q&A on 11/06 at 9:00 P.M. EST

In this program

Learning Tagalog with Kayla

Directed by Kayla Abuda Galang

Kayla offers a lesson in Tagalog, the language of her homeland.

Look Out of Place

Directed by KEN TANIGAWA

What is a life that doesn’t change? This story features life-risking negotiations between a “reaper” that manipulates life and a family doing everything they can for their daughter suffering from an incurable illness. Can they wipe the slate clean and do everything over?

Crouching Comic

Directed by Alberta Poon

A surreal act unfolds as an Asian American comedian takes to an open mic to battle the insecurities manifesting across her apartment.

…LOVEHOTEL‚Ķ~The Guide to Japanese Midnight culture~

Directed by Kaichi Sato

A couple has an affair at a love hotel in Japan. A medium comes to investigate a ghost that appears in the room. Love Hotel is both a narrative film and an education in Japanese midnight culture.

Gone Camping

Directed by Emily Kim

An awkward tween, desperate to fit in, is forced to miss a crucial sleepover when she is dragged by her mother to their annual camping trip.