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Gone Camping

Directed by Emily Kim

Lei, a painfully awkward tween, is dying to go to a sleepover tonight filled with boys and booze. The only problem is that Cindy, Lei’s over-enthusiastic mother, has other plans for the two of them. It’s the night of their annual mother-daughter camping trip! When it begins to start pouring rain, Cindy quickly adapts and sets up their camp site right in the middle of their living room. Tensions grow during a game of charades as Lei’s attention is drawn towards her phone, instead of Cindy, who is desperately trying to connect with her daughter. The more that Cindy pushes, the more that Lei pulls away. The whole night explodes when Lei exclaims that camping with her mom isn’t cool anymore. Heartbroken, Cindy gives up and lets Lei go. As Lei stands outside her apartment ready to leave for the sleepover, she realizes just how much her mom means to her. .

Directed by Emily Kim
Produced by Maia Mizrahi
Writen by Emily Kim

About the filmmaker: Emily Kim was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea until she moved to Honolulu, Hawaii in 2011. Growing up in two continents, Emily aims to create meaningful films that celebrate the diverse realities of the world. She uses humor as a vehicle to tell her stories because she’s learned that laughter is the best way to overcome adversity and communicate greater messages. Emily’s ultimate goal in her career is to wear several creative hats as a writer, director, producer, and actress. She has honed in on her storytelling skills at USC with her major in Film & Television Production as well as her minor in Screenwriting. She has worked on several short films in school and independently, being selected into several prestigious film festivals such as the San Diego Asian Film Festival, Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, Student Los Angeles Film Awards and the Hawaii International Film Festival. Whether Emily is in a Production Office or on set, channeling her experiences and the things she cares about is the foundation of who she is as a storyteller.

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