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George Nakashima, Woodworker

Directed by John Nakashima

George Nakashima died in 1990, but his influence and the appeal of his work remains strong today. His most groundbreaking works feature thick slabs of hardwoods—with complex grain and nature’s “imperfections”—boldly finished and stabilized with perfected joinery. His simpler designs of nuanced beauty are equally respected. Nakashima spent his life until his mid-thirties immersed in the new Modern Architecture, absorbing Shinto and Zen aesthetics and working/studying in a legendary Indian ashram. His life’s work sprang from these layers of experiences, knowledge, and skills.

Directed by John Nakashima
Producted by John Nakashima

About the filmmaker: John Nakashima, Indie Filmmaker & Senior Producer/Director, West Virginia Public Broadcasting. He has produced, directed, shot, written, edited documentaries and music performance programs for West Virginia Public Broadcasting for 46 years. His work explores West Virginia culture in the broadest sense – including traditional music, the evolving culture in Appalachia, artists, writers, and one three-hour opera premiere. His first indie doc aspires to be the definitive documentary about his uncle’s life and works, George Nakashima, Woodworker.

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