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Directed by Rose Kang

Amy visits her Mother’s home to confront her mother’s hoarding issue and to address their strained relationship. However, things take a turn for the worse and the two get swept into a junk realm and the pair must resolve their misunderstandings to escape. A mother, who is a hoarder, and her daughter get in to fight about the junk in her house. As their dispute reaches its peak, they are thrown back in time and have to figure out a way back.

Directed, produced, and written by Rose Kang

About the filmmaker: Rose (she/her) is an animator, illustrator, and storyteller. Originally from the land of corn and cows in Pennsylvania, she moved to New York to follow her passion for animation at the School of Visual Arts. In her free time she enjoys petting dogs, eating delicious food, and surfing the world wide web for a good chuckle.

Plays in

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