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Dear Resources

Individuals and communities alike require resources to survive and thrive. In a world where our natural resources are not only precious but unevenly distributed, one person’s waste may be another’s lifeline. What we choose to consume and conserve deeply impacts both natural environments and communities around us. This collection of short films spotlights the complex relationships between humanity and our beloved stuff—whether treasure or trash—and the repercussions of wanting more than we need.

Program curated by Linda Wei

LIVE Q&A on 11/08 at 7:15 P.M. EST

In this program


Directed by Li-Wei Hsu

On a plastic-formed island in the great Pacific ocean, a lonely man found and hatched a supermarket egg.

River of Small Gods

Directed by Bradley Tangonan

Displaced from her home, a Native Hawaiian woman named Anela takes a job from a mysterious sculptor to retrieve stones from a riverbed deep in the forests of northern O‘ahu.

A Woman’s Land

Directed by Alina Peng and Charles Zhang

Karma, a Bhutanese farmer, has not seen a successful harvest in 10 years due to climate-induced water scarcity. As men have migrated to urban centers, the women in the village must tend to fields and family and work together to overcome the water crisis.

Dirty Business

Directed by Yutao Chen

Plastic recycling workers in Minh Khai, Vietnam wrestle with the blessings and curses of an empire built on our trash.


Directed by Rose Kang

Amy and her mom work through their distant relationship while escaping a junk realm from her mother’s hoarding.