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A Woman’s Land

Directed by Alina Peng and Charles Zhang

Karma has not seen a successful harvest in 10 years. Bhutan, despite being one the world’s two carbon-negative countries, has been adversely impacted by climate change. A recent rise in global temperatures has led to an insufficient water supply, putting its farm-dependent culture at risk. Women, who make up the majority of the country’s agricultural industry, are on the front lines when it comes to adaptation and solutioning. As many men leave rural Talo to pursue jobs in urban centers, the village women must bear the weight of tending to both fields and family. This documentary explores the stories of Karma and these communities of women who work together to overcome the water crisis plaguing their land.

Directed and produced by Alina Peng and Charles Zhang

About the filmmakers:

Alina Peng is a multimedia storyteller and filmmaker based in New York City. She was named a National Geographic Explorer in 2019, where she co-directed and co-produced a series of documentary films on the intersection of feminism and climate change. Her multimedia work has previously been showcased at SXSW and The New York Times, among other outlets. In 2020, Alina received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Charles Zhang is a documentary filmmaker based in Seattle, Washington and was named a National Geographic Early Career Grantee in 2019 to co-direct and produce films on climate change and social inequities. Charles’ work has been featured in Scientific American and In 2020, Charles graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.”

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