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Red Junior and the Wolf

Directed by Winnie Wu

Many years later, Little Red Riding Hood now has a granddaughter, Red Junior. Grandma Red dislikes wolves because of her experience with them in the past, but she doesn’t know that her granddaughter is best friends with a young wolf named Wolfie. On Grandma’s birthday, Red Jr and Wolfie bake a cake together as a surprise, but it turns into a big misunderstanding. In the end, Grandma learns that Wolfie is nothing like the Big Bad Wolf, and gives Wolfie a surprise of her own.

Directed, produced, and written by Winnie Wu

About the filmmaker: Winnie Wu received a BFA in Animation from the School of Visual Arts in 2021. Her favorite things include birds, Christmas music, and winning at Jenga. Currently she is designing for animation, but her biggest dream is to animate a children’s book someday.

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