Directed by Nischhal Sharma

Rimi, a housewife, stuck in the mundane life of domesticity and wrapped up in the roles of a mother and a wife, finds herself on the threshold of leaving everything behind and embracing liberation when a desire awakens in her after she encounters young and attractive Riya, who pushes her to realise how she has held herself back ever since her marriage for the sake of her family.

Directed by Nischhal Sharma
Produced by Anany Khare
Written by Nischhal Sharma

About the filmmaker: Nischhal Sharma made her first film at the age of 14. Nischhal has always been crazy enough to believe that she can change the world and one way she attempts to do that is through her films. A writer and director, Nischhal takes her inspiration from society and tells stories that depict the reality of the world we all live in. She is a graduate of MetFilm School, London, and has made several short films. She is currently working on the development of a long term project.

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Moments in a Woman's Journey

Moments in a Woman’s Journey

Women often navigate life within systems that are oppressive—forced by roles, identities, circumstances, and values just to persevere….