Moments in a Woman’s Journey

Women often navigate life within systems that are oppressive—forced by roles, identities, circumstances, and values just to persevere. The shorts in this program explore the breadth of women’s experience. Some find themselves “diminished”; others develop a quiet tenacity. Some dare to embody fierceness, build a strength they only ever dreamed they had, and even develop a love for self and even others, they never knew was possible.

Program curated by Chetana R. Narasimha Jois

Q&A LIVE on 11/14 at 11:00 A.M. EST

In this program

Film still from Lion on the Mat

Lion On The Mat

Directed by Asali Echols

A Vietnamese-American single mother pours herself into martial arts as a way to overcome past trauma.

Film Still from Rimi


Directed by Nischhal Sharma

Rimi, a housewife stuck in the mundane life of domesticity, finds herself on the threshold of leaving everything behind and embracing liberation when an encounter with the young and attractive Riya awakens a desire in her.

Film Still from Piglet Piglet

Piglet Piglet

Directed by Tsung-Yen Lin

A woman struggles to share the news of her unexpected pregnancy with her career-focused husband as the future of their nation is being decided in a pivotal election.

Film Still from Long Night's Search for Day

Long Night’s Search for the Day

Directed by Dai Leyi

A young Chinese woman navigates her place in the world after a hospital refuses to give her treatment that would damage her hymen.