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Piglet Piglet

Directed by Tsung-Yen Lin

Leading up to the 2020 Taiwanese presidential election, a pivotal moment for a young democracy, Yu-Ann discovers that she is eight weeks pregnant — news she decides to keep to herself, given her husband’s preoccupation with opening a Ba-Wan (dumpling) store. Before Yu-Ann can find the right moment to tell her husband about the pregnancy, she unexpectedly suffers a miscarriage. Devastated, Yu-Ann is comforted by her partner, leaving both to wrestle with the inherent unpredictability of the future.

Directed by Tsung-Yen Lin
Produced by Khalea Ross Robinson and Kuang-Che Lee
Written by Tsung-Yen Lin

About the filmmaker: Tsung-Yen is a Taiwanese writer/director who focuses on social issues and slice-of-life narratives. Tsung-Yen’s work reveals the basic humanity inherent in everyday life situations and is colored by his own strongly-held sense of social responsibility. Tsung-Yen is currently a third-year directing MFA candidate and Tisch Scholar at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Kanbar Institute of Film & Television.

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