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Golden Boy

Film Golden Boy Directed by Kitty Hu A father and daughter navigate the new responsibility of caregiving and face challenges in their own relationship, while…

Journey to the East

Film Journey to the East Directed by Eve Liu A Woman with No Name retrieves her husband’s bones from a gang of mythical Chinese Cowboys.

Kuroshio Current

Film Kuroshio Current Directed by Kun-Yu Lai A Taiwanese immigrant tries to face the past he has been avoiding through an amulet.

Little Sky

Film Little Sky Directed by Jess X. Snow Haunted by their childhood memories, Chinese American drag sensation, Sky returns to their hometown to confront their estranged…

Long Night’s Search for the Day

Film Long Night’s Search for the Day Directed by Dai Leyi A young Chinese woman navigates her place in the world after a hospital refuses to give her treatment…

Piglet Piglet

Film Piglet Piglet Directed by Tsung-Yen Lin A woman struggles to share the news of her unexpected pregnancy with her career-focused husband as the future…


Film Signal Directed by and Bolun Wei, Enyi Zhu, Yang Shi A son tries to reconnect with his astronaut father in space through a VR game but it goes…

Snake Trail

Film Snake Trail Directed by Shicong Zhu When modern bureaucracy and science stand against her, a grief-stricken young Chinese girl reaches into the past to…

Solo Trekker

Film Solo Trekker Directed by Chang Jing Ye A young logger who illegally cuts down Formosan cypress trees meets a middle-aged solo trekker who broke his…
Feature Documentaries

The Six

This rental is no longer available

Film The Six Directed by Arthur Jones The untold story of RMS Titanic's Chinese survivors.