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Journey to the East

Directed by Eve Liu

On the verge of death, a Woman with No Name falls into a mystical land between the East and West. There, she encounters a gang of mythical Chinese Cowboys known as “The Chinamen,” gatekeepers of the bones of all Chinese Americans who have died in the West…

Directed by Eve Liu
Produced by Alex Bendo and Grant Hyun
Written by Eve Liu

About the filmmaker: Eve Liu is a Chinese Australian filmmaker based in New York City. Experimenting with an amalgamation of East West genres and pop culture inspired by the kinetic pulp of everything that is lost and found in translation, she is currently an MFA candidate and recipient of the W.T.C. Johnson Fellowship in film at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. This is her first short.

Plays in

Alternative Realities

Some may define “reality” as everything that we pick up with our five senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing,…