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Kuroshio Current

Directed by Kun-Yu Lai

Freddy, a 30-year-old Taiwanese who works in the U.S, lost his amulet that his mom gave him before she died. While he looks for the amulet, he is forced to face the struggles and conflict feelings about his family and hometown.

Directed by Kun-Yu Lai
Produced by Amanda Dyer
Written by Kun-Yu Lai

About the filmmaker: Kun-Yu Lai is a filmmaker who works both in the Taiwanese and American film industries. He has directed and written numerous short films, and his works are selected by film festivals worldwide. As a filmmaker, his works mainly focus on unknown Taiwanese culture and history.

Plays in

Alternative Realities

Some may define “reality” as everything that we pick up with our five senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing,…