Snake Trail

Directed by Shicong Zhu

Urged to complete the traditional Chinese death ritual as her mother’s only daughter, but without the legal documentation to prove their kinship—a girl finds herself in an institutional conundrum.

Directed by Shicong Zhu
Produced by Yiyi Huang, Qiaochu Mei, and Cilin Deng
Written by Shicong Zhu

About the filmmaker: Shicong Zhu is a Chinese filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA and Beijing, China. Her works have been selected to screen at LA Short Fest, International Foyle Film Festival, Fantasia Film Festival, Bolton Film Festival, the 44th Asian American International Film Festival and so forth. She graduated from the USC School of Cinematic arts where she was an honoree and recipient of the 2020 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant.

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