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Directed by Yang Shi, Enyi Zhu, and Bolun Wei

WEN is running late again to meet his son TSAN for their routine VR game. Completing missions together in this game is the main way this astronaut father keeps in touch with his son on earth. Irritated, Tsan gives Wen the cold shoulder when Wen tries to connect. When Wen has to quit the game early as his spaceship travels deeper in space, Tsan can not control his grudges but lashes out at his father. Wen carries on the mission and lets Tsan execute the finishing task as an attempt to apologize. Tsan does not complete the mission but gets to hear his father’s confession, through which he emphasizes and reconnects again with his father.

Directed by Yang Shi, Enyi Zhu, and Bolun Wei

About the filmmakers:

Enyi Zhu is a Chinese filmmaker with a passion for directing and editing. She has a diverse range of work including music videos, short films, and commercials. Her favorite genres include melodrama and dark comedy. In the future, she aspires to create more content that delivers important messages and resonates with her audiences.

Yang Shi is a 24-year-old writer/director based in Shanghai, China. His filmmaking journey started at the age of 15. He made a short documentary for his school’s graduation ceremony and it was a success. Since then he had founded 9mm, a newly established studio based in Shanghai, gone to LMU and graduated from Art Center College of Design. He always believes there are poems and romance living in everyone’s lives. The urge to capture them in film is the reason Yang Shi keeps observing the world as a filmmaker.

Bolun Wei is a passionate filmmaker from Beijing, China. He just graduated from Loyola Marymount University, and has gained a lot of experience from working on sets, he was one of the 2nd assistant directors on Lou Ye’s film The Shadow Play (Feng Zhong You Duo Yu Zuo De Yun) and Lifan’s short A Hero for A Day</b<. His last project 'Grandpa’s Long March is an offical selection of LA shorts film festival.

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