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This Place We Occupy

What makes a memory? Is it the sweet taste of a childhood treat? The familiar sounds of a bustling urban neighborhood? The family keepsakes we keep close? This collection of short films highlights the tangible aspects of human connection—and the traces we leave behind for those who will follow.

Program curated by Ryan Kuang and Kacia Huynh

LIVE Q&A on 11/07 at 1:00 P.M. EST

In this program

A New Normal

Directed by Asavari Kumar

Subverting the limitations of digital intimacy, “A New Normal” seeks to define the meaning of home and belonging through the musings of a family spread across different time zones.


Directed by Kaia Rose

An intimate portrait of the 117-year-old Japanese sweet shop that has become a memory bank for the Little Tokyo community.

A Hundred Joys

Directed by Amanda Ann-Min Wong

“A Hundred Joys” pairs cinematic impressions of Toronto’s East Chinatown neighbourhood alongside interviews with residents and business owners, giving voice to their experiences of community, identity, anxieties, and hopes for the future.


Directed by and Bolun Wei, Enyi Zhu, Yang Shi

A son tries to reconnect with his astronaut father in space through a VR game but it goes haywire from the start.

The Miniaturist of Junagadh

Directed by Kaushal Oza

1947. Renowned miniature painter and collector Husyn Naqqash must sell his ancestral home in India and move his family to Pakistan. Kishorilal, the home’s new owner, schemes to acquire Husyn’s collection. But all is not what it seems. Husyn’s family is harboring a secret about the collection.