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A New Normal

Directed by Asavari Kumar

“A New Normal”, subverts the limitations of digital intimacy to tell a story about warmth, hope, and family. It frames the idea of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ through the eyes of a family that’s scattered across different parts of the world – specifically Los Angeles, Copenhagen and New Delhi. The narrative has been constructed through various interviews with the different speakers, where they express their views about the evolving idea of home and changing family dynamics.

Directed by Asavari Kumar
Produced by Siddharth Zutshi and Adobe Aero
Written by Asavari Kumar

About the filmmaker: Asavari Kumar is a filmmaker & visual artist from New Delhi, India currently based in Los Angeles. She owns and operates the studio Supernova Design through which she creates commercial and personal projects while collaborating with POC and women artists. Asavari’s award-winning films, new media work, and graphic narratives have been showcased at numerous festivals and exhibition spaces. Drawn to cross-cultural narratives, Asavari uses character-driven storytelling to parse her evolving cultural and political identity. Through her body of work, she hopes to generate a discourse surrounding ideas of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ and find where her own narratives intersect with those around her. Asavari holds a BFA in Animation Film Design from the National Institute of Design, and an MFA in Experimental Animation from the California Institute of the Arts. She is a former artist in residence for Adobe Aero and is currently exploring how augmented reality can be a compelling medium for telling personal stories.

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