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Long Night’s Search for the Day

Directed by Dai Leyi

A Chinese woman is diagnosed with intramural fibroids but the hospital refuses to give her further treatment without her parents’ consent for it might damage her hymen despite her being an adult. After she goes home, her parents also express concerns that the consequences might negatively affect her future marriage. She goes to her friend in distress and realizes something more than that incident.⁠

Directed by Dai Leyi (戴乐怡)
Produced by Achim Mendoza
Written by Dai Leyi

About the filmmaker: Dai Leyi is from Shanghai, China, currently an MFA candidate in Film and TV Production at USC School of Cinematic Arts. She believes in the infinite power and beauty of cinema.

Plays in

Moments in a Woman’s Journey

Women often navigate life within systems that are oppressive—forced by roles, identities, circumstances, and values just to persevere….