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Solo Trekker

Directed by Chang Jing Ye

Up in the mountains in the darkness of the night, a young logger who illegally cuts down Formosan cypress trees meets a middle-aged solo trekker who broke his leg after falling off a cliff. The trekker offers the young man ten times the price of a Formosan cypress to carry him down the mountain. Will the deal help the trekker survive? Will the logger get his reward? The fates of two souls who trek alone intertwine briefly.

Directed by Chang Jing Ye
Producted by Wang Yi Hua
Written by Chang Jing Ye

About the filmmaker: Chang’s 2007 Domestic Film Fund-winning short film The Tunnel was screened at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and Interfilm Berlin International Short Film Festival as well as received the Silver Lion Award of International Student Film Competition and Special Award of Taiwan Student Film Competition at Taipei Film Festival. In 2014 she directed The Period for PTS’ Innovative Story programme. Her latest work is Solo Trekker, a 2021 short film funded by the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, Ministry of Culture.