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The Density of Vā

Directed by Ropate Kama

This experimental video poem depicts the collective grief of ongoing ecological crisis in the Pacific islands. It invokes the spirit of an unnamed Goddess who is caught in the space between capitalist development priorities and her sacred spiritual connection to land, sky and sea. Confused and bereft, she calls to the spirits of the ancestors who join her in dance to highlight the plight of indigenous peoples. The Density of Va is the first chapter in a three-part series Fighting for Survival released to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement. It is based on an original poem by Frances Koya Vaka’uta, a Fiji based poet who performs under the stage name 1angrynative. The film questions the integrity of global climate justice commitment and is a reminder to sustain our sacred relationships with the earth.

Directed by Ropate Kama
Producted by Fenton Lutunatabua and Thelma Lutunatabua
Written by Frances C Koya Vaka’uta

About the filmmaker: Ropate is an i-taukei born in the UK and raised in Fiji. His life experiences are the inspiration behind his ability to tell visual stories, connecting emotionally to images that portray the essence and mana of Fiji. He is co-owner of a Fiji-based Photography/Videography collective specialising in Destination Weddings ‘Adventure/Off The Beaten Path’ elopements and Cultural weddings in Fiji and internationally. It has accrued multiple Awards over the years since its inception in 2012, the most prestigious being the ‘Rangefinder 30 rising stars of 2018’.