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The Pākalā Kids

Directed by Gavin Arucan

On the run from their home in the rustic plantation town of Pākalā Village, two best friends, Lani and Dixie, embark on a journey up Waimea Canyon.

Directed by Gavin Arucan
Produced by Tiffany Ganti
Written by Gavin Arucan

About the filmmaker: Gavin Arucan is a storyboard artist and filmmaker with a B.A. in Animation from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. As a Filipino and Japanese American raised in Hawaiʻi, Gavin strives to tell impactful, cultural stories through animation. Currently, Gavin storyboards on the web series Helluva Boss. Previously, they have directed several animated short films, including The Pākalā Kids, Pua Warriors, and Sina Ma Tinirau.

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