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We Kept Warm

Directed by Apa Agbayani

Alone in her apartment, Nemo learns to play games with her grief. She cooks; she does her makeup; she knits a sweater that never ends. Meanwhile, the destruction of the world outside looms, threatening to encroach on this inner life.

Directed by Apa Agbayani
Producted by Tony Battung
Written by Apa Agbayani

About the filmmaker: Apa Agbayani is a 29-year-old writer and director from the Philippines, working in film, music videos and commercials. He has directed music videos for Filipino and American acts such as BP Valenzuela, Imelda, Shirebound & Busking and Karis Owen. Apa is the country’s #1 Lao Gan Ma evangelist.

Plays in

Are We Alone?

Sometimes experimenting with form is the only way to depict the inexplicable: the comfort of home, the absurdity…