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Directed by King Yaw Soon

In this colorful and moving animated documentary, we follow Michelle, a young lady as she prepares to fly at the airport. At the TSA line, a mother and her daughter stare at her like deer in the headlights. Michelle responds with a smile and a hello. To her surprise, the mother-daughter runs away from her, screaming “We need to wash our hands now!” Michelle then takes us through her emotional reflection on the bizarre yet embarrassing encounter. It is revealed at the end that Michelle is an Asian-American pharmacist and she is a frontline health worker during this pandemic. Narrated by Michelle herself, this film offers an honest look at fear and connection in an era marked by uncertainty.

Directed by King Yaw Soon
Written by King Yaw Soon and Michelle Man

About the filmmaker: Filmmaker and graphic designer, King Yaw Soon was born in Tawau, Malaysia. He graduated summa cum laude from San Francisco State University with a BA in Cinema in 2018. He currently resides in San Francisco and works as a video editor at Electronic Arts. His documentary Something Carved And Real won the National Best Picture at Campus MovieFest 2017. His thesis film My Mother, Myself & I premiered at CINEQUEST and was acquired by PBS KQED Film School Shorts for public broadcast. His animated short Yello premiered at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2021 in Tokyo, Japan.